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IRS Problem Resolution

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IRS Dispute Solutions from Bliss & Company, Ltd

The last thing anybody wants is an unexpected visit from the IRS. An audit can be a stressful experience that demands your time and costs money.

If you are being audited by the IRS, it is because they found something in your tax return that didn’t add up. It might be a simple mistake, such as a typo or miscalculation, or they could be looking into more serious possibilities such as the potential for fraud.

Bliss & Company, Ltd understands how difficult this process can be and offers tax resolution services to the people of West Chester and the surrounding areas. Our representation can mean the difference between an unfavorable outcome and easier solutions.

IRS Resolution for Businesses and Individuals

While an audit can seem harrowing at first, enlisting the representation of Bliss & Company, Ltd grants you access to the wealth of knowledge and experience that we offer. We not only represent you to the IRS so you don’t have to, we also negotiate with them to find solutions to your tax problems.

Amend incorrect returns to make them current and accurate. This may change the amount of taxes owed but is the fastest and simplest solution when available.

Payment plans let you pay off your tax debts over time in reasonable installments.

Offers in compromise settle your debt at a significantly reduced rate if the amount owed is too high. To qualify for an offer in compromise, you must be able to prove that the debt cannot be paid in full.

Non-Profit? Not a problem!

Bliss & Company, Ltd has experience with a wide variety of businesses and industries, and non-profit organizations are no exception. While non-profits are legally tax-exempt entities, the exemption status does not apply to payroll taxes.

Payroll taxes must be filed and paid for all employees, even for non-profits. Any errors or unpaid taxes can result in an audit, or even federal tax liens and levies. In more dire situations, the IRS can even seize assets and property.

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Don’t let your debts and tax issues go on to become bigger problems down the line. Contact Bliss & Company, Ltd in West Chester today to help take care of them.