Our team

Between our Principals, we have:

CPA, Certified Valuation


Charles A. Hackett

- Member of the AICPA, PICPA and NACV

- Combined 65 years of experience

- QuickBooks ProTrainer

- Non-profit, personal and business specialists

- Strategic business planning and incorporation

- Tools to help you with personal finance

- Extensive experience with mergers, acquisitions and strategic planning

Don’t worry about the IRS. We can help represent you and make sure your interests are protected. Don’t hesitate - if you’re being audited we will come to your aid.

We’re business specialists who can help you incorporate, merge, sell and much more.

Protect your money from this life to the next generation.

Trust the team with experience

We’re here to serve you, and help assist you with all of your financial outlooks whether you have concerns regarding your business or personal transactions. Prepare for dealing with the IRS and get expert tax assistance from a team you can trust.

We protect your money so you can continue to focus on making it. Get started today and choose the financial support you need most. We are professionals and we will help you.

See what we can do for you. Call today.


Estate Planning

Carl-web Charles

Carl J. Wenrich, Jr.

CPA, Tax, IT and

QuickBooks Specialist

CPA, Audit and

Assurance Services

Daniel Harris


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